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International conference in Tbilisi, Georgia


Georgian Water & Power Company (GWP), assisted by AVK International A/S, held an international conference in Tbilisi, Georgia on 5-6 May 2017.

The conference focused on creating and managing an automated control and monitoring system based on AVK control valves for water supply networks. Apart from control valves, the conference displayed intelligent flowmeters and related equipment that would introduce automation into the collection, analysis, and processing of data relating to flow and working pressure at reference points, as well as localize unauthorized taps, etc.


  The conference was attended by delegates from water utilities in Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Iran, as well as designers and builders from various other countries. They all had a unique opportunity to exchange experiences and establish relations with their international peers.

On the first day of the conference, delegates from equipment manufacturers presented reports identifying technical features for automating and monitoring water supply networks. Also, delegates from water utilities introduced their experiences from using this equipment and highlighting their first profits.

As part of the water supply re-engineering program, approx. 200 AVK control valves were installed on the GWP networks in 2016. More than 300 control valves are scheduled to be installed in 2017. According to last year’s study, leakages decreased and resulted in a reduction of water distribution by 12%. Electricity consumption decreased by 10% in total. As the program is being implemented, improvements are expected to reach a total of 20-25%.

On the second day, an AVK representative installed and commissioned an AVK control valve on a pipeline. Conference participants also visited GWP facilities such as the water treatment station, water intake areas, the hydroelectric power station, and attended the GWP training.
    AVK control valves significantly reduce operators’ financial costs by lowering the percentage of drinking water losses and total energy consumption. AVK control valves provide zoning of water supply networks and keep the pressure of each zone of the water supply network at a pre-adjusted constant level, with no fluctuations. As long-term and stress loads decrease, the pipeline gets a longer service life and becomes less vulnerable to breakdown. Lowering the working pressure and eliminating pressure fluctuations in each zone reduces leakage by 20-35%. AVK control valves also function as safety valves, thus reducing the risk of water-hammer effects.

AVK control valves can be operated with manually adjusted output pressure, or with a PRV controller supplied by Technolog, HWM, I2O or other suppliers of PRV controllers. The PRV controllers offer the possibility to control the pressure according to a time schedule and lowering the pressure even further at night, or maybe receiving a pressure signal from elsewhere in the zone (a critical point), and managing the pressure according to this critical point. The PRV controllers typically have a sim card installed, being able to communicate with a Scada system, but they can also be managed without a full scale Scada system. Often these PRV controllers are supplied with a battery lasting up to 3 - 5 years.